Saturday, September 11, 2010

Release 4 - Version 1.3

First things first - Please hit menu > Refresh after update! This is necessary to set all alarms that were likely previously erased! Notifications will not work until this is done.

After feverishly working to fix the notification problems, I'm nearly certain that they're fixed. Please provide feedback if you notice something odd. Remember this app this still in beta and the time I have to spend on this app is greatly reduced during the semester. So updates will be a little longer in the making.

Now... For the changes.

What's new:

There isn't much new this time around as I only had time to fix bugs. And I probably took too much time away from my homework as it is. I've added a menu option to refresh the birthdays currently in your list. This feature is geared more towards verifying that the notifications are absolutely set to trigger when you chose to be notified.

I added support for Froyo (Android 2.2). Users can now move this app to their SD card. *PLEASE NOTE* Per the Android 2.2 specification, when an application that uses alarms is moved from internal memory to external memory, all alarms that were set are erased. Please hit the menu "Refresh" button after moving to your SD card to reset your alarms. This is important if you want to be notified on time!

What was fixed:

The big one: Notifications should now work correctly. The problem was Android related and something I wasn't initially aware of. When I set alarms for notifications to go off when the user asks, the alarms are only active as long as the device is on. If the device is turned off, all alarms are erased. So I've corrected for this by adding a brief service to run at system boot.

There was an error in date comparisons and thus an error in displaying when the user would be notified. So all dates shown on the birthday information dialog for notifications are correct.

Future Features:

Adding a person's age to the main list so users don't need to hit a birthday to see how old they are. That's one click too many, I agree!

Sorting by month - this is a big one and will likely be the next feature implemented. The only thing i'm missing is time.

Ability to add/change the image for anyone on the birthday list.

At least give options to show zodiac/birthstone for those who'd like it.

That's all for now. Please continue to provide feedback. It is all much appreciated.

Here is a link followed by the QR code to the app in the Android Marketplace:
Birthday Organizer

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