Sunday, January 16, 2011

Release 12 - Version 1.6

There is an update available on the Android Market!

Here's what changed:

- Added autocomplete support for when adding birthdays. Suggestions are pulled from the user's contact list.

- Added ability to change entry photo. Photos for contact's will automatically be added and set.

- Added the following sorting options: Upcoming, by age, chronological (from January to December).

- Now when you tap on an entry that is also a contact, a dialog will appear to easily call/text/communicate with that person. See photos in Android Market for a better idea of what this looks like.

Future Additions:

- Facebook sync is in the works. This will likely be the next addition.

Please report bugs if you find any. Email is the easiest way to communicate with me.

Here is a link followed by the QR code to the app in the Android Marketplace:
Birthday Organizer