Thursday, August 12, 2010

Release 1 - Version 1.0

The point of this application was to do something productive instead of playing Modern Warfare II for hours on end without anything to show for it. I like games just as much as the next aspiring computer scientist but it is nearly time to find a job and jump into the bane that is the real world.

Here is a description of this application as well as possible future enhancements:

Everyone has trouble keeping track of birthdays - this much i can certainly attest to. Currently, Birthday Organizer (BO) will allow you to keep track of not only birth dates, but gift ideas as well as various other information about a particular person. You can sort my name or date to find an entry quickly and easily. BO also has options to set birthday reminders for different times. You can be notified of an upcoming birthday a week before, a day before, and/or the day of someone's birthday.

Right now, the picture for each entry is a static thing. I've made provisions for tying this app to the users contact list. Thus being able to send an email/sms/mms or whatever to someone directly from Birthday Organizer.

I welcome criticism, but realize i'm not a professional by trade at the moment and that this was simply a summer project created by an undergraduate student. So please, send an email or comment on this post with either praises or suggestions!

Here is a link to the app in the Android Marketplace:
Birthday Organizer


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